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Project Management

The Key to Success in eDiscovery and Digital Forensics

Everest Discovery is a leading provider of eDiscovery project management services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and across the country. We have honed our process to perfection and understand the vital role project management plays in the successful execution of eDiscovery projects.

We strongly believe selecting a service provider with competent and experienced professionals is one of the important variables to consider when selecting a partner for your project.

Many service providers all provide similar services with similar tools, and the often the differentiator in project success and retention of clients is the quality of service offered by the professional services team.

When you engage Everest, our project managers serve as an extension of your team. We absorb information related to your firm, standard operating procedures, and expected outcomes to deliver solution offerings which are repeatable, and provide value as our relationship strengthens. 

Our team consists of industry veterans with great depths of experience across all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model. Everest professionals are constantly exposed to, and involved in continued education on our technology offerings, and latest developments in the industry.

Streamlining eDiscovery Project Management Services

Our eDiscovery project management team meticulously handles all aspects of your projects from the collection and processing of data to the analysis and presentation. As eDiscovery specialists, we have a deep understanding of the electronic discovery reference model, allowing us to handle large volumes of electronically stored information efficiently.

Everest professionals are ready to support your team in a variety of different capacities, through:

  • Providing ad-hoc project management support.
  • Assist in development of internal subject matter experts through training initiatives.
  • Serving as a full-cycle extension of your team:
    • Collection/ Digital forensics
    • Data processing
    • Data conversion and normalization
    • Data analytics
    • Document production
    • Presentation

Our focus on quality of professional services ensures you are properly consulted on the latest developments in the industry, and that your team is armed with the technical solutions and know-how to proactively tackle challenges which come your way.

What is eDiscovery Project Management?

eDiscovery project management involves overseeing and executing all stages of an eDiscovery project. It requires a deep understanding of eDiscovery processes, the legal landscape, technology, and project management principles. An effective project manager ensures that all the given tasks are completed within the desired timeframe, thereby reducing costs and meeting the desired outcome.

The Role of Project Managers in eDiscovery

An eDiscovery project manager is tasked with planning, executing, and closing projects. They need to understand the unique processes involved in managing electronically stored information and should be equipped with effective project management tools to manage these projects. They also play a crucial role in communication, linking the project team with legal teams and corporate legal departments.

The responsibilities of eDiscovery project managers include establishing project milestones, assigning tasks, managing resources, and ensuring that the projects meet the business need.

Certified Project Management Professional: A Crucial Asset

Everest Discovery boasts a team of project management professionals who excel in eDiscovery. They understand the core principles of project management and the peculiarities of the legal industry. Our professionals are experienced practitioners, equipped to handle complex eDiscovery projects that may arise in the course of litigation or investigations.

ISO-Certified: A Guarantee of Quality

At Everest Discovery, we pride ourselves on being ISO-certified. This certification means we adhere to internationally recognized standards for information security, ensuring that our project management services meet your expectations. Our commitment to quality also extends to our technology and tools, ensuring we deliver on our promise of effective project management guided by the principles of sound security for all your information.

Legal Project Management: A Specialized Skill Set

Legal project management differs from general project management. It requires an understanding of the legal industry and the specifics of eDiscovery projects. This knowledge allows for more efficient project planning, better utilization of resources, and increased cost savings.

At Everest Discovery, our legal project management expertise is a testament to our experience in the legal field, with our project management team composed of individuals who have worked in law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies.


An eDiscovery project manager is a eDiscovery specialist who plans, executes, and oversees the lifecycle of an eDiscovery project. They leverage their expertise in project management principles to meet the unique demands of the electronic discovery reference model and legal industry.

They coordinate between project teams and legal teams or corporate legal departments, ensuring smooth communication and cooperation. eDiscovery project managers also use project management tools to assign tasks, manage resources, set project milestones, and monitor progress.

Their ultimate goal is to complete tasks within the set timeline, reducing costs, and achieving the desired outcome. In short, the eDiscovery project manager is instrumental in ensuring the success of the eDiscovery project and the satisfaction of the client.

An eDiscovery project refers to the process of identifying, collecting, processing, reviewing, and producing electronically stored information in response to a litigation case, investigation, or regulatory requirement. It involves handling large volumes of electronic documents and data that may serve as potential evidence.

These projects can range from small-scale data collections to large, complex cases involving numerous custodians, disparate data sources, and varying legal jurisdictions. The intricacies of eDiscovery projects necessitate the skills of an eDiscovery project manager who understands the nuances of managing electronically stored information in a structured application.

The eDiscovery process is a multi-stage process that begins with the identification of potentially relevant data and extends to its production for legal proceedings.

It typically follows the electronic discovery reference model, which consists of several stages: Identification, Preservation, Collection, Processing, Review, Analysis, Production, and Presentation. At each stage, specific tasks are carried out to ensure that the information is accurately gathered, maintained, and presented, in compliance with relevant legal standards.

Effective eDiscovery project management plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth transition from one stage to the next, thereby facilitating efficient discovery processes and enhancing the quality of the results.

eDiscovery, or electronic discovery, refers to the process of identifying, collecting, processing, reviewing, and presenting electronically stored information that can be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

The “e” in eDiscovery signifies the electronic aspect of the process, as it primarily involves dealing with information stored in digital formats. It encompasses a wide variety of data types, including emails, documents, databases, social media posts, and more.

Given the increasingly digital nature of our world, eDiscovery has become a crucial aspect of the legal field. As such, there’s a growing demand for professionals like eDiscovery project managers who have a solid understanding of eDiscovery projects and the tools and techniques necessary to effectively manage them.