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Paper Discovery

Paper Discovery: Copying, Printing & Scanning

How Everest's Paper Discovery Services Ensure No Stone is Left Unturned

In today’s legal environment, paper discovery services are more crucial than ever. With the complexity and high volume of documents involved in modern litigation, effective management of paper documents is a must. At Everest Discovery, we provide comprehensive paper discovery and reprographics services tailored to your specific paper needs.

We also offer back file conversion services. This process is where physical records are converted into digital format to help reduce the amount of paper being stored by an organization. Additionally, by moving physical documents to a digital format, files can more easily searched and accounted for, resulting in reduced errors in the workplace.

Save Time with Paper Discovery and Production Services From Everest Discovery

In a world that’s rapidly going digital, you might be wondering why paper discovery is relevant. While electronic discovery is a vital part of modern law practice, the reality is that many law firms and organizations still deal with a substantial amount of paper documents. These documents must be accurately copied, printed, scanned, and managed to ensure their proper use in legal proceedings.

Our comprehensive paper discovery services encompass document scanning, document coding, copying, printing, OCR services, and more. By partnering with Everest Discovery, you can save time and money, focusing more on your core legal work while we handle your paper discovery needs.

High-Quality Scanning Services

Scanning services are a key component of paper discovery. Our advanced scanning capabilities allow us to handle high volume workloads, digitizing your paper documents quickly and accurately. We use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to convert scanned images of text into editable data. This not only facilitates electronic discovery but also makes your documents easily searchable, boosting your preparation efforts for trial.

Paper Discovery and Reprographics for All Industries

Our services are not limited to the legal sector. We cater to all industries that deal with high volumes of paper documents, providing our expert paper discovery services to streamline their operations and enhance their capabilities. From government entities to corporate contracts, we handle it all.


At Everest Discovery, quality is not an afterthought. We are ISO-certified, assuring our clients that our paper discovery, reprographics, and production services meet international standards of excellence. Copy and scanning services are conducted on-site at our secure ISO:27001:2013 facility. From the moment we receive your documents, we treat them with utmost care and professionalism, ensuring your sensitive data remains confidential and secure throughout the entire process.

Reliable Litigation Support

As part of our commitment to providing complete solutions to law firms, we offer robust litigation support services. Our experienced team of specialists assists with the full spectrum of trial preparation tasks, including partnerships with service partners to assist with exhibit production, trial graphics, and deposition services. With Everest Discovery as your litigation support partner, you can focus on building your case, knowing your paper discovery and preparation needs are in capable hands.

Choose Everest Discovery: Your Trusted Partner in Paper Discovery

Do you deal with a high volume of paper documents? Are you looking for efficient ways to manage your paper discovery and production needs? Look no further. Let Everest Discovery streamline your paper needs with our state-of-the-art services. We are here to help you save time, money, and resources. Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn how our services can make a difference in your work. Don’t get bogged down by paper. Discover the Everest difference today.


Yes we do! Everest Discovery offers a suite of services for organizations looking to streamline their internal processes by partnering with a reputable scanning and copy service like us.

Yes! Our team provides back file conversion services in order to assist our clients with reducing physical paperwork by converting to digital format. By transitioning to digital copies, organizations can also reduce errors by making files more easily accessible.