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Document Unitization and Coding Services

Welcome to Everest Discovery, your go-to destination for premier document coding services throughout the nation, including Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. We understand the crucial role that meticulous document coding plays in the legal industry. 

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to assist law firms, legal departments, individuals, and other organizations in managing electronic documents with efficiency and precision. Through our document unitization and coding services, Everest Discovery will build a solid foundation for your documentation, allowing those within your organization the ability to easily navigate and obtain critical information.

What Is Document Coding?

Document coding is a vital aspect of the legal documentation process. It involves the systematic categorization and organization of electronic documents, ensuring a manageable folder structure for easy retrieval and reference.

In simpler terms, document coding is akin to creating a roadmap for your digital data, allowing you to navigate through vast amounts of information seamlessly. Through our document unitization and coding services, an index or database can be created which can be easily navigated for future reference. There are several common objective fields which can be used to organization document data, including:

  • Time of Creation
  • Originator / Sender
  • Addressee / Receiver
  • Carbon Copy / Blind Carbon Copy
  • Heading / Topic
  • Nature of Document
  • Attributes

Why Are Legal Document Unitization and Coding Important?

Document unitization and coding services are important as they give your organization a solid base from which to build upon. Through processes such as Logical Document Determination (LDD), the ability to perform an effective and efficient review is enhanced and improved. This speeds the enter process for all parties involved.

The Advantages of Using Everest Discovery for Document Unitization and Coding

There are many benefits to working with our team for document unitization and coding. Some of these advantages include:

  • Enhanced productivity in imaging operations are achieved by reducing the time needed for scanning preparation.
  • For specific projects and document collections, customizing unitization rules leads to more effective outcomes.
  • Improved search accuracy is attained by applying existing metadata and coding to newly defined boundaries.

Our Other Services

At Everest Discovery, we go beyond document coding to offer a spectrum of services tailored to meet your legal and documentation needs. Whether you require eDiscovery services or digital forensics solutions, we’ve got you covered. We also provide:

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Our commitment to excellence is evident in everything we do. Partner with Everest Discovery to unlock cutting-edge services that enhance your ability to navigate through electronic documents, ensuring you have the upper hand in legal proceedings.