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Analytics, Machine Learning & Visualizations

At Everest we know that the discovery process can be a daunting, risky and a very disjointed process. We help your organization bring the entire e-discovery process together into one cohesive platform to store, analyze, and access sensitive data.  We utilize the latest in advanced searching and analytics, machine learning, and visualizations all in one platform. Everest Discovery helps you organize data, discover the truth, and then act on it.  Security matters when it comes to a hosted data solution. Our platform is built to keep your data safe with unmatched security in the legal software industry.  Everest Discovery also maintains a ISO 27001 compliance designation covering its internal infrastructure and operations.

Certified Relativity One Partner

We are proud to be a Certified Relativity One Partner. This means we can provide the most robust and secure data solutions to our e-discovery clients. ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Compliant.

24/7 Monitoring and Incident Management

Next-generation firewalls, anti-malware, anti-spam, and GDR solutions. More than 200 intel feeds constantly monitor for suspicious events like logons, new users, or alerts from Azure, and more.

Secure Coding

Relativity One promotes a secure software development lifecycle from inception to implementation. All developers are well versed in security awareness and secure coding practices, and security engineers are involved in every feature’s development & design.

Penetration Testing

Relativity One performs regular third-party penetration tests to identify and correct software vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious users. 

Key Features

Legal Hold

Create a defensible, repeatable process for managing legal holds. Say goodbye to manual, error-prone legal holds. RelativityOne Legal Hold brings defensibility and repeatability to the practice of issuing legal holds, improving your ability to identify and preserve critical data.


Quick, defensible collections all in the cloud. Optimized for the Cloud Pull data straight from Microsoft Office 365, the number one enterprise cloud data source with over 120 million endpoints and growing.

Early Case Assessment & Investigation

Quickly analyze and synthesize processed data in the cloud to assess the overarching facts and determine case strategy. ˜

View important information about your data—like file formats, volume, and date ranges—while examining custodians and key concepts. Use this analysis to gauge the size and scope of your case and prepare for meet-and-confer conferences.

Conduct swift, powerful digital investigations with an intuitive, defensible process. Sophisticated analytics and visualizations make it easy to find patterns in your unstructured data and uncover trends.


The fastest way to get native files ready for review. A straightforward
workflow is easy to operate but has depth to handle complex requirements and data types, eliminating the need to move data between systems.

Understand the health of your processing jobs with insights such as metrics on the original data source, the status of active workers, and what was published to review—all from one central location.

Review & Production

Everything you need to tackle your document review and production challenges, from the smallest to the most complex projects. Get the control and flexibility you need to design workflows and solutions that amplify your team’s efforts and bring people to the center of your matter.


When you’re facing growing volumes of unstructured data and tight deadlines, Relativity Analytics and Assisted Review amplifies your e-discovery efforts with visual data analytics and machine learning
technology. Bring Relativity Analytics and Assisted Review into your workflow at any time, for any project, to follow an investigative pattern of thought and get to a focused list for review.

Case Dynamics & Transcripts

Craft your case strategy and review the evidence in one place. Identify key players, plot the facts along a timeline, and connect what people said to the data they left behind. Integrate robust fact management and case construction into your document review with Relativity Case Dynamics.

Draw powerful connections between what you uncover during legal proceedings and what you discover in case documents. Present a chronological progression of the facts with a customizable and interactive timeline that builds itself as you build your case.

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