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Electronic Discovery Processing

We Offer Comprehensive eDiscovery Processing Services

In the digital era, eDiscovery services are vital for attorneys, law firms, corporations, and other organizations that require an efficient means of locating crucial data. At Everest Discovery, we offer professional electronic discovery processing assistance so that you can find an effective solution for your organization. Our team is experienced and trained, meaning that you can trust them to provide quality assessments and advice throughout every step of the eDiscovery process.

Accurate eDiscovery Services for Litigations

Narrow Your Focus

By partnering with Everest Discovery, you can get a snapshot of your collection and use filters like date range, sender domain, and file type to eliminate unnecessary raw data from the electronic discovery process.

Early Case Assessment

We’ll help you delve even deeper into case data with our ECA and investigation tools to understand risk and determine the best strategy at the earliest stages of your case or investigation.

Process Data Better and Faster

Through full metadata and container extraction, domain parsing, and native application imaging, we deliver total eDiscovery processing solutions for our clients.

Oversee Every Step

We thoroughly and closely monitor the progress of your processing job and adjust settings in real time from one central dashboard.

Powerful Engine

A robust and powerful processing engine allows us to power through data so we can get it into the review team’s hands quickly.

Evaluate Only the Essentials

Our advanced eDiscovery software allows us to filter down data volumes and process only what you need.



With our professional electronic discovery processing services, your organization will be capable of reviewing data sooner. We partner with market-leading process platforms to provide the fastest way to get native files ready for review. Our straightforward workflow has the depth to handle complex requirements and data types, eliminating the need to move data between systems.

What Is eDiscovery?

eDiscovery refers to the process of identifying, collecting, analyzing, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) during a legal case. Short for electronic discovery, eDiscovery handles emails, papers, spreadsheets, presentations, instant messaging, photos, videos, audio files, and other digital data.

The primary goal of eDiscovery is to locate relevant electronic evidence for the case, preserve it in a forensically sound manner, and review it for legal relevance, privilege, and admissibility. Because of its ability to help attorneys better comprehend the facts of the case, locate important witnesses, and assess the merits of their arguments, eDiscovery has emerged as a crucial component of contemporary litigation.

The volume and complexity of the data, the requirement for specialized tools and knowledge, the possibility of data spoliation or unauthorized access, and other issues can all make eDiscovery extremely difficult. As a result, many businesses create eDiscovery policies and procedures, use specialist eDiscovery software, and seek advice from eDiscovery professionals to reduce these risks.

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