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Meet the Team: Tracey Donnelly - Production Manager

After working for 11 years at Copy Secure, a leading paper discovery company on the East Coast, Tracey Donnelly was recruited to join Everest Discovery along with other former colleagues after the company was acquired. This gave her the opportunity to continue working with people she knew and doing a job she loved.

Today, Tracey has been with Everest for five years as a production manager. In this role, she is dedicated to work with her clients to ensure their projects are completed efficiently and on time.

Day to Day at Everest

In Tracey’s job, she manages the entire workflow of a production project. She works with her team daily to scan documents and communicate directly and regularly with her clients to make sure they are getting what they need. Her job involves keeping a precise log of all projects in work, assigning work to others on the team with the best fit, as well as monitoring all progress, accuracy and quality of the projects in queue. She is also instrumental in troubleshooting any production issues that arise.

Often Tracey will provide guidance and insight on projects for clients. While clients know what they want, she likes to work collaboratively to ensure they get the best possible results. With Tracey’s extensive background in the space, she understands what needs to be done, and her clients appreciate that.

“I am very detailed and listen to what our clients need for their projects,” states Tracey. “If I think of a different way that is more efficient and saves on cost, I’m not afraid to suggest it. I’ve had some clients tell me they are appreciative of thinking outside the box.”

Tracey has regular clients that always come back because of the service and expertise they get when they work with Tracey and the Everest team.

What does Tracey like best about her role? “I take pride in my work and enjoy collaborating with my team on various things, and it’s also nice to have upper management support my ideas.”

Tricks of the Trade

Tracey has learned two important things over the years working in this field:

  • Teamwork makes the dream work! She loves the team she works with and credits that for the success of their clients.
  • Be patient. She has learned that if you don’t let things get to you, you will get better results.
Outside of the Job

When Tracey isn’t at work, she is still incredibly busy. But with three kids – ages 20 to 12 at the time – she had her arms open when given the opportunity to take care of, and eventually adopt, a five-week-old baby girl who was a family member in need of a stable home. While the process involved monthly social worker home visits and plenty of court dates, on November 13, 2019, it became official! Now, Tracey has four kids – ages 25 to 5 – and while she doesn’t have much downtime, she doesn’t mind . . . “I couldn’t image life without her by my side! This little girl is my whole heart,” shares Tracey.

When not at work, Tracey enjoys spending time with her family cooking, baking, crafting, and planning outings and parties.