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Meet the Team: Tom Pellegrino, CEO

Tom was approached in 2018 by former business colleagues who wanted him to join Everest Discovery. He was excited by the opportunity to get back to his roots and help grow a boutique provider and, as a result, was appointed as the CEO of the company in June of that year, a position he still holds today.

Prior to Everest, Tom was president and co-owner of one of the leading litigation support companies on the East Coast – Copy Secure. At Copy Secure, Tom ran all operations and sales from 2001 until the company was acquired in 2015 by a large eDiscovery company. After the acquisition, Tom stayed on for two more years as the general manager and was responsible for the paper discovery division for the entire region. “I’ve been a part of the paper and eDiscovery world for the last three decades,” states Tom.

Favorite Things about Everest

“I’ve always believed in a service-first attitude, and that’s what Everest has continually represented as long as I’ve been with the company,” states Tom. “I truly enjoy promoting the culture that my partners and I have cultivated over the years. We have built a great organization and put the best technology and security in place for our clients.”

As CEO, Tom is involved in almost every aspect of the business. He enjoys managing the development of the current and new products and features Everest offers. He also likes to consult with the marketing and sales teams to define the right strategies for the business. “I know where I want this company to be, and I am guiding all the different teams in that direction,” Tom shares.

A Day in the Life

A normal day starts off with Tom taking his dog Louie for a walk and going to the gym. Then he reviews his internal to-do list for the day, which he always prioritizes the night before. In addition to checking off items on the to-do list, which normally requires emails to management and the sales team, he likes to spend time reviewing social media feeds, mainly LinkedIn, to see what hot topics others in the field are talking about. When possible, he makes new connections and sets up meetings with current and new contacts. The rest of the day is normally spent on client calls, sales meetings or drafting new client contracts.

Favorite Things

Tom has two favorite quotes:

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

“I never lose. I either win or learn.”

And when Tom isn’t at work, there is a very good chance you can find him on a golf course. In fact, he has traveled the world to play some elite courses and hopes to continue this for many years. He is also a big Philly sports fan and enjoys attending as many Phillies and Eagles games as he can fit into his schedule. He also, of course, loves spending time with his family and his five-year-old bulldog Louie.