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The Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Paper Discovery Provider

By Tom Pellegrino

When it comes to discovery in litigation, we hear a lot about electronic discovery. But with so much of today’s world still relying on paper for business and personal use, it is something that can’t be ignored when it comes to litigation. In fact, paper is still a very important aspect of discovery and needs to be taken into consideration along with its electronic counterpart.

As a discovery company with an extensive background in paper, Everest Discovery understands this and knows what to look for when it comes to finding the right discovery partner. Working with a vendor that has expertise in both paper and electronic files is important. There are some key things to consider when hiring a paper discovery provider to make sure you have the right expert on your side.


It’s important to find and work with a discovery provider that knows paper and provides the proper training to its team.

Over the last 15 years, Everest has offered the experience, attention to detail and capacity to meet the demands on the nation’s premier law firms and corporations. We have made a substantial investment in employee training to give our clients the best possible service and experience – and it shows in the quality of work we provide and the satisfaction of our clients. We pride ourselves on having the experience it takes to make sure all information is properly captured and legible for attorney review. It is our policy to assume that each document could potentially hold information that is relevant to the case, and we take measures to ensure every bit of material is captured accurately. Our expert technicians will set up data formats to match the requirements of each client and hosting platform. All project specifications and metrics are then provided to the client in clear and easy to understand tables for simple billing and tracking.


When looking for a discovery partner, you want a company that can help assess your needs based on the case and provide the right service and expertise for those needs.

With Everest, you will receive unmatched responsiveness, attention to detail and a proactive, consultative approach. Best of all, our team of professionals serves as an extension of your team and helps you get the best results possible for your case.

Quality Control

Technology has evolved considerably over the years, and it is important to have a provider on your side that has evolved its procedures used in the discovery process. The discovery process can be complicated, and you don’t want to trust it to just anyone.

As a provider of both electronic and paper discovery and with a leadership team with extensive background on the paper side of the business, when you work with Everest you can rest assured that the production rules and procedures used have continually evolved and are the best in the business based on common sense and hands-on experience. We’ve taken the time to develop a vast body of know-how. We have an extensive system of quality control procedures embedded in each stage of production to identify potential problems, increase the efficiency of production efforts and ensure that we meet or exceed client expectations.


Security needs to be top of mind when it comes to any discovery project, and that goes for both the data and the team of people working on your project.

Everest’s commitment to information security management is reinforced through its ISO 27001:2013 and EU Privacy Shield certifications. In addition, all of the company’s software applications have been developed and implemented with data security as a fundamental requirement, and all Everest employees undergo a federal, state and local criminal background check.


You need documents produced that are clear, legible and organized. You want to have a discovery partner on your side that has the appropriate equipment to not only produce high-quality results but also do so in the time frame you need.

At Everest, we have made substantial investments in the latest high-tech equipment and software. This ensures that scan and print quality is second to none and we can meet all deadlines.