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Meet the Team: Jesus Gainza’s 24 Years in Litigation Support and eDiscovery

With a remarkable 24-year legacy in the litigation support and electronic discovery industry, Jesus Gainza has witnessed its evolution, having navigated through the industry long before eDiscovery became a crucial component to litigation. His journey spans roles from copy/scanning operator to customer service, sales and operations management, showcasing a wealth of experience and expertise.

Current Role

Currently serving as a senior project manager at Everest Discovery, Jesus plays a vital role in seamless collaborations with clients to ensure they have access to the technology necessary for a successful case. His position involves fulfilling client requests and providing consultations on best practices for their cases.

A Day in the Life

Detailing a typical day at Everest Discovery, Jesus sheds light on the diverse responsibilities his role entails. He always keeps client satisfaction as his main priority. He describes the thrill of helping clients navigate complex cases, emphasizing his availability and commitment to providing exceptional support.

Bridging the Language Gap

Jesus recently played a pivotal role in assisting a law firm in Latin America, showcasing the global reach and impact of Everest Discovery. Fluent in Spanish, he provided expert guidance to a partner at Mitrani Caballero, facilitating access to essential technology for a successful case. Jesus consolidated various aspects of eDiscovery, offering insights on software and data integrations while allowing the legal team to focus on the case itself, rather than the technological logistics.

Webinar Collaboration

The success story with Mitrani Caballero is being highlighted in a webinar collaboration between Everest Discovery, Relativity and the law firm. Jesus looks forward to sharing the experience and spreading awareness about how Spanish-speaking firms can leverage Everest’s expertise for their cases, ensuring the support needed for a successful outcome.

Thoughts on the eDiscovery Industry

Reflecting on the eDiscovery industry, Jesus considers it a constant learning profession, enjoying the challenges each project brings. His goal is to identify and provide clients with the technology necessary for a successful case, demonstrating a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments.

Trick of the Trade

At Everest, the importance of building a strong foundation with clients is paramount. Jesus emphasizes the organization’s commitment to transparency regarding services and costs involved in each case. As a knowledge-based business, Everest collaborates with clients to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the eDiscovery process, empowering them with knowledge for future cases.

Beyond the Office

Outside of his professional pursuits, Jesus is a dedicated father to two daughters, Denaijah and Delylah. His passion extends to coaching girls’ basketball and softball for over two decades. Additionally, he served as the president of the North Arlington Recreation Department for eight years. In his leisure time, Jesus enjoys playing poker, crafting short stories and poems, and watching musicals and making music videos with his youngest daughter.