Litigation Consulting

Everest can help you prepare for the demands of any litigation environment.

Managed Review

 Attorney review can now account for over 90% of total discovery costs for a single matter.

Early Case Assessment (ECA)

Make more informed litigation decisions by utilizing our cutting edge technology.

Paper Discovery/ Scanning & Coding

Everest couples high-end multifunction devices with litigation specific scanning software.


Everest Technologies’ team is comprised of professionals from all facets of the litigation arena.

Project Management

Everest’s project managers bring clarity to chaos, creating an individualized cost-effective solution.

Digital Forensics/ Data Collection

A team of experts with deep technical expertise and understanding of how to balance our clients’ business needs.

Electronic Discovery Processing

At Everest we provide an ESI methodology that guides every client engagement.

Document Hosting

We offer multiple platforms to ensure you data is safe, accessible, and ready to be used.